Point of Transference by Shannon McLeod

As the children of single mothers, neither Miri nor I usually had big plans on Christmas. As soon as we could drive and Miri got a car, we started a tradition of going to the movies and then for a night swim at her grandfather’s place, which she called a house but was really a mansion.

Book Reviews

Movie Stars by Jack Pendarvis

The characters in Jack Pendarvis’s short story collection Movie Stars laugh frequently, even in moments of pain and disquiet.

Research Notes

Anthony Michael Morena on The Voyager Record

I like to think of research as infotainment, something that should be as much fun for writers as the books they want to put into the world. It’s a reading experience that I tried to recreate in The Voyager Record, my long lyric essay about the collection of sounds, images, greetings, and music that was strapped onto the twin Voyager space probes and launched into space in 1977.


Winners by Virginia Konchan

Tofu hot dogs grill up pretty good, I overheard a well-dressed man say to another on the metro yesterday. I was on my way home from work with a few sacks of groceries, feeling sad, as I’d just spied upon a form at work outlining cost-of-living increases for this and next year, and there was a black X next to my name, Trina Mulaney.

Book Reviews

Tyler's Last by David Winner

Set during the time surrounding 9/11, Tyler’s Last is a mesmerizing literary thriller that weaves together two intricate plotlines—one involving Eve, a famous crime writer also known as “the old lady,” conceived in the image of Patricia Highsmith, and another involving Eve’s favorite protagonist, Tyler Wilson.


Astronauts Anonymous by Brad Beauregard

That Tuesday, the mediator dropped in to the support group half an hour early. It was an accident.

Book Reviews

Poor Advice by Lou Gaglia

Lou Gaglia’s debut collection Poor Advice opens with epigraphs from Ring Lardner and Aldous Huxley, and in many ways, Gaglia’s gritty and off-kilter stories pay homage to both.


You and Then Some by Kathryn Michael McMahon

There were a few after there was you.

Jill, her kisses tasted like kiwis. Not the green ones, but the sweet yellow kind, which she was allergic to, so maybe that’s why she tasted like them. When we kissed, I got itchy and thought it must be sympathy pain.

Book Reviews

Beautiful Ape Girl Baby by Heather Fowler

Heather Fowler’s Beautiful Ape Girl Baby is a tale of self-discovery, a comedic road trip, a discourse between humanism and naturalism—and of course the birth of a memorable new character, Beautiful.


An interview with Daniel Evans Pritchard

Daniel Evans Pritchard and Matthew Jakubowski in conversation about the complications of criticism.

Research Notes

Mark Polanzak on POP!

POP! is a memoir of fiction. It’s also about death, loss, grief, not grieving right, pain, and humor.