July 2021

Melissa Llanes Brownlee, "The Linebackers of Waikiki"

Evan James Sheldon, "Notes Left Hanging"

Erica L. Williams, "Hey Ma"

June 2021

Sobia Ali, "Cross-eyed Girl"

Ryan Rivas, "Buenos Aires"

Jente Posthuma, "Wishes"

Jenny Staff Johnson, "In Event of Moon Disaster"

Ron MacLean, "Field"

May 2021

Torsa Ghosal, "Good Deity"

Desirée Jung, "Foghorn"

Kevin M. Kearney, "Special Request"

April 2021

Slawka G. Scarso, "The Day They Robbed the Hamburger Kiosk"

Michael Ruby, "Dogwood, 1938"

Jessica Goldschmidt, "The Great American Eclipse"

March 2021

Leah Browning, "Ventilation"

Adeyosola Adeniran, "Moon Thief"

Mandy-Suzanne Wong, "Mills Creek"

Wendy Elizabeth Wallace, "Frame"

Patrick Daniel, "The Suit"

February 2021

Kaitlin Roberts , "Like Britney"

Nathan Alling Long, "Totaled"

Alle C. Hall, "Evvy Spied on Surfers"

January 2021

Adam Peterson, "Malady/Tincture/Cure"

Emma Brousseau, "A Study in Womanhood"

Maia Paras Evrigenis, "Sanitize"

December 2020

Theodore Carter, "The Kilroy Barrel"

Carolyn Oliver, "Easter Sunday Man"

Nicola Dinan, "Bones"

November 2020

Trahearne Falvey, "Pinkies"

Jo Hamya, "Osmosis"

Devon Bohm, "The Face of God"

Noa Covo, "Inside"

October 2020

Candice May, "What Lucy Said"

Hayley Zablotsky, "Cooking with Onions"

Ben Segal, "Perfume Circuit"

September 2020

Charlotte Fong, "Beanstalk Girl"

Paul Hostovsky, "Anonymity"

Peter Grandbois, "Because We, Too, Must Run"

Linda Woolford, "Hocus Pocus"

August 2020

Tatiana Duvanova, "Hairs"

Diane D. Gillette, "Lamb Cake Salvation"

Mercedes Lawry, "Fox and Moon"

July 2020

Morgan Beatty, "Painted Urns"

Emily Sun, "Emergency Plan"

Myfanwy Collins, "Attachment"

Gabrielle Griffis, "Hydrangeas"

Michelle Morouse, "Before a Little Bit More"

Corey Farrenkopf, "Biology is Rarely Kind"

Rachele Salvini, "Pinch"

Margaret Willey, "Bathing Suits"

Grace Chao, "Remembrance"

April 2020

Rémy Ngamije, "Nine Months Since Forever"

Terena Elizabeth Bell, "A Good Leg Is Hard to Find"

JL Bogenschneider, "How Life Is After Death"

Joel Fishbane, "Shopgirl"

March 2020

Adam Falk, "Portraiture"

Thaisa Frank, "The List"

Hannah Nahar, "Here & Where"

Joseph Young, "As On Earth"

February 2020

Jen Michalski, "Important People of New Jersey"

Claire Polders, "The Truth About Knowing"

Gary Martin Hughes, "Glass Eyes"

Scott Onak, "Lucky"

January 2020

Deborah Forbes, "Seven Kinds of Loneliness"

Jeremiah Moriarty, "Trebuchet"

December 2019

Lynn Mundell, "The Little Prince"

Nuala O’Connor, "RedDog"

November 2019

Anita Goveas, "Door Jamb Armor"

Elle Rosenberg, "Beyond"

Carley Gomez, "The Library"

Tej Rae, "Horns"

October 2019

Anthony Varallo, "Retail"

Michael Czyzniejewski, "Not Fatherlessness"

Matt Patterson, "The American Scholar"

Dave Housley, "Rooster"

Jenessa Abrams, "Olive"

September 2019

Tyler Barton, "Of a Whole Body (Passing Through)"

Isabel Armiento, "Stacy and Chad"

Theresa J. Beckhusen, "We Are Not Cat Island"

August 2019

Dan Tremaglio, "A Long Line of Little Yous"

Charles Rafferty, "This Woman Is a Leopard"

Melinda Giordano, "The Journey"

Siamak Vossoughi, "Real Estate"

July 2019

Michael Harris Cohen, "Left-Handed"

Jessica Barksdale, "Rubric/Grade Scale"

Jack Kirne, "The Gardener"

John Christopher Nelson, "A Miracle Shy of Martyrdom"

June 2019

Robyn Carter, "Something’s Gotta Give"

Abigail Oswald, "Notes on a Departure"

William Hawkins, "Rustler"

C.M. Lindley, "Showing"

May 2019

Diogo Ribeiro, "Sparrow"

Jon Doyle, "Tabula Rasa"

Jack Somers, "Deluge"

April 2019

Lori Barrett, "Proving Ground"

Nicole Simonsen, "Lost Girls"

Anna Mantzaris, "Evidence"

Mikan Ai, "My Job"

March 2019

Ellen Rhudy, "Afflicted"

Emily Livingstone, "Da Capo al Coda"

Robert James Russell, "You Owe Me"

February 2019

Gage Saylor, "Insecurity Questions"

Melissa Goodrich, "Heartspace"

Anna Vangala Jones, "In Twenty Years"

January 2019

C.A. Schaefer, "Blessed Are the Forgetful"

Nina Ficenec, "Murmurations"

Christopher Murphy, "The Last Great White"

Yasmina Din Madden, "A Woman of Appetites"

December 2018

Meg Pokrass, "The First Law Of Holes"

Ashley Burnett, "The Mother"

Samantha Paige Rosen, "Hollywood & Highland"

afopefoluwa ojo, "Thinny Mister Howards"

November 2018

Richard Ford Burley, "A Coronation"

James Yates, "Secret Astronauts"

Carolyn Oliver, "The Concertmaster"

Susan Frith, "Mycophile"

October 2018

Caleb Ajinomoh, "800 Grandmothers Are Pinching Me"

Michael Meyerhofer, "Enceladus"

Rachel Lyon, "Utopia Falls"

Glenn Shaheen, "Boléro"

September 2018

Xenia Taiga, "The Baby Makers"

August 2018

Carlea Holl-Jensen, "Itch"

Tria Wood, "Cul-de-sac"

Sudha Balagopal, "Polka Dot Swimsuit"

E.J. Schwartz, "Lingerie"

Rosa Boshier, "Tea"

July 2018

Melissa Goodrich, "Blind Date with Ellipsis (and others)"

Ulrica Hume, "Lost Splendors"

Mason Binkley, "Mother Had a Strong Arm"

K.C. Mead-Brewer, "Why the Moon Wanes"

June 2018

Erica Peplin, "On The Nose"

Brett Stuckel, "Escapees"

Mark Budman, "Love Stories"

Michele Finn Johnson, "Brittle Arms"

David Hansen, "Valley of the Kings"

Kristen Holt-Browning, "The Wolf-Pit Girl"

Dan Schwartz, "The Moths"

Dan Nielsen, "A Family Unit"

TM Upchurch, "The Whale"

Luca Ricci, "The Announcement"

Elise Blackwell, "Glass House"

Avee Chaudhuri, "The Regency Era"

February 2018

Carol Guess and Aimee Parkison, "Girl in Knots¹"

Erin Kate Ryan, "Natural Hazards"

Arthur Klepchukov, "Rivet Here"

January 2018

Ryan K. Jory, "Skimping on Postage"

Sarah Jane Cody, "I Was Burning Before This"

Maria Romasco Moore, "Mabel"

December 2017

David Braga, "In Silence"

November 2017

JL Bogenschneider, "Alexanderplatz, One Afternoon"

Pablo Piñero Stillmann, "Ancient Cities"

Andrew Bertaina, "Of Lakes and Swans"

Dustin M. Hoffman, "When We"

Tori Malcangio, "To the woman"

October 2017

Alina Stefanescu, "Clutchings"

August 2017

Melissa Benton Barker, "The Cat"

July 2017

Marléne Zadig, "For Science"

Jonathan Crowl, "Hotel Inheritance"

Marsha McSpadden, "Life, Redacted"

June 2017

Brianna McNish, "The Sea Child"

Diana Clarke, "Wikipedia"

Jeremy J. Teague, "Riding the Wave"

May 2017

Nicholas A. White, "Postmortem"

Michael Horton, "Old Smoke"

Jennifer Todhunter, "Matchsticks"

Alex Blum, "Somniloquy"

Becky Mandelbaum, "Future Kings and Sofas"

April 2017

Janelle Drumwright, "Reckless"

Austin Ross, "The Man For The Job"

Mike Minchin, "Birds of Prey"

March 2017

Kip Robisch, "Ambrosia"

Kate Myles, "Elegy"

Pete Segall, "Public and Private"

Jennifer Fliss, "Winter Rebirth"

February 2017

Craig Chanin, "Arden"

Michelle Syba, "Family Pack"

Paula Read, "Pillow Talk"

January 2017

Shome Dasgupta, "The Bullies"

Darci Schummer, "The Interloper"

Emrys Donaldson, "The Oracle of Exit 24"

December 2016

Jennifer Lynn Krohn, "Another End Of The World"

Catherine Sexton, "Berkshire Spor"

Matt Briggs, "The Fence Maker"

Tarık Dursun K., "Oh, My Life"

November 2016

Xenia Taiga, "Food"

Brandon Taylor, "Birds of the Air"

Christine Hennessey, "The Arborist"

Emily Livingstone, "The Magic"

October 2016

Anna Rowser, "Breaking Down"

Mallory McMahon, "Just-in-Case Stones"

September 2016

Namrata Poddar, "Excursion"

Angélica Gorodischer, "Absit"

Michael Somes, "No Es Facil"

Peter D. Gorman, "Eyepatch"

August 2016

Sarah Beaudette, "Please Do Not Delay"

Tara Isabel Zambrano, "Anatomical"

Maureen Langloss, "Gifts from My Mother"

Anna Cabe, "Talk to Me"

July 2016

Shannon McLeod, "Point of Transference"

Virginia Konchan, "Winners"

Brad Beauregard, "Astronauts Anonymous"

Kathryn Michael McMahon, "You and Then Some"

June 2016

Rebecca Tirrell Talbot, "Cedar Waxwings"

Jennifer Fliss, "Degrees"

William Squirrell, "Jerusalem"

Michelle Ross, "Galactagogues"

Robert Shapard, "Lobster"

May 2016

Nancy Au, "Ephemeroptera"

Lori Sambol Brody, "River of Running Lava"

April 2016

Lynne Barrett, "Returning"

Marian Ryan, "SUV"

Alicia Bones, "Backscratchers"

Erinrose Mager, "Dream Date"

March 2016

Elisabeth Dahl, "Late Bloom"

Kate Russell, "Mountains"

Nina Ficenec, "By Morning"

Kathleen Rooney, "Le Retour de Flamme"

February 2016

Virginia Castiglione, "Corpseless Shrouds"

Caitlin Kindervatter-Clark, "Cashmere"

Sacha Siskonen, "Birthright"

Julie C. Day, "The Woman in the Woods"

January 2016

Mahesh Raman, "Swap Space"

Amy Silverberg, "Murder Sounds"

DeMisty D. Bellinger, "Cat, Catfish, Cat"

Jonathan Johnson, "Some For Myself"

December 2015

Ioanna Mavrou, "The Last Time I was Near a Volcano"

Lawrence Neil, "Glen Grove"

Elizabeth Green, "Thrill"

Carmen Petaccio, "Neighborly"

Leila S. Chudori, "Excerpt from Home"

November 2015

Victoria Miluch, "Postscript with Lost City"

Fiston Mwanza Mujila, "Excerpt from Tram 83"

Roger Real Drouin, "Birds of Dusk"

Erica L. Williams, "Keeping Up Appearances"

October 2015

Tim Raymond, "Moose"

Carlotta Eden, "Beehive"

Michelle Ross, "Like Pulling Teeth"

Julie McArthur, "Disconnect"

September 2015

Courtney Gustafson, "Countenance"

Jan Stinchcomb, "Purse Baby"

Meg Pokrass, "Too Easy To Touch"

Daniel Enjay Wong, "Coelacanth"

August 2015

Melissa McDaniel, "No One Left To Bury Them"

Star Spider, "Must Speak Dove"

Jacqueline Kharouf, "The Jacket"

July 2015

Leslie Anne Jones, "Victim One"

Jennifer Christie, "Tying the Knot"

Anita Felicelli, "The Lookout"

Louise Marburg, "Stick Shift"

June 2015

Michele Finn Johnson, "Lunar Facts"

Sarah Broderick, "The Salamanders"

N.T. Arevalo, "The Boy at the Embassy"

Anna Lea Jancewicz, "Twice, Three Times, Four"

May 2015

Gabriel Urza, "Baby"

Christopher Santantasio, "Hemisphere"

Regina Tavani, "Nights in Venice"

Timothy Schirmer, "Dance With Me Liar"

April 2015

Theodore Carter, "Shorebird"

Bree Barton, "The Sojourn"

Keith Lesmeister, "The Ice Silo"

Christopher DeWan, "Rapunzel's Tangles"

March 2015

Emily Livingstone, "Transmutation"

Nichole LeFebvre, "Aberrations, Anomalies"

Crispin Oduobuk, "First Day"

February 2015

Dane Elcar, "The Legend of Monte Sur"

Deborah Steinberg, "A Certain Synesthesia"

Ashley Burnett, "Howling"

January 2015

Tim Love, "Correspondence"

Garrett Socol, "Thirty Thousand Feet"

December 2014

Rob Roensch, "Burn This"

Amanda Leduc, "The Centaur's Wife"

Maia Nikitina, "Cossacks and Robbers"

Thomas Cardamone, "Say"

Dan Townsend, "Teacher of the Year"

November 2014

Dave Petraglia, "The Garden Sky"

Claire Comstock-Gay, "If You See Something"

Stephen Guppy, "A Murder"

October 2014

Linda Niehoff, "When You Carry Him Home"

Amalia Gladhart, "Contraband"

Meghan Lamb, "In Full View"

Mika Taylor, "Twenty Babies"

September 2014

Rene Cajelo, "Whaleworld"

Zach VandeZande, "Spite House"

Elise Matthews, "When the Seas Emptied"

August 2014

Daniel Enjay Wong, "Hide and Seek"

Gary Moshimer, "Bigfoot"

Kathie Jacobson, "Migration"

July 2014

Alison McCabe, "Dissolution"

Sara Mantooth, "Seasons"

Ella Bartlett, "Take The Piano"

June 2014

Michael Kidd, "Point Past Which"

Olivia Wolfgang-Smith, "Reruns: A Triptych"

Andrew Davie, "Sissy Fish"

May 2014

Helen McClory, "Present"

Babak Lakghomi, "The Pilot"

Debbie Urbanski, "A Bridge To You"

Kim Winternheimer, "Stevens, then Margie"

April 2014

Travis J. Pike, "Bigger Things"

Sheldon Lee Compton, "Cards, Jacks and Wooden Guns"

Lane Ashfeldt, "Airside"

Kate Wyer, "Atlantic City"

Rebecca King, "The Haunt-Away"

Michael Credico, "Amelia"

Caroline Kepnes, "Nobody’s in Love Anymore"

February 2014

Paula McGrath, "Tulips"

Sarah Prevatt, "The Arrowhead"

Claire Miye Stanford, "dreamPod™"

Beau Golwitzer, "The Execution"

Maria Mutch, "Rubies"

December 2013

Rumaan Alam, "Maybe The Girl"

Rebecca Fishow, "Yes and No"

November 2013

Elisabeth Hamilton, "Boys and Girls and Women and Men"

Joseph Scapellato, "Fourteen Cowboys by the Fire"

Leeyee Lim, "Secrets"

Caroline Picard, "The Many Deaths of Summer"

October 2013

Eugenio Volpe, "Force of Nature"

Richard Carr, "The Big Thing"

Rebekah Curry, "But Now, Winter"

Curtis Smith, "The Visit"

September 2013

Joanna Walsh, "And after..."

Joel Hans, "Day 4,372"

Krista Mann, "Missing"

August 2013

Philip K. Zimmerman, "Human Translation"

Rebecca Meacham, "Beached"

Lillian Fishman, "Glass"

Cezarija Abartis, "The Shore"

July 2013

Dariel Suarez, "Sweet Saltwater"

Caroline Kepnes, "Frontstabbers"

MH Rowe, "Baby"

Matthew Vollmer, "Town Trip"

June 2013

Stephanie Austin, "The Accident in Five Small Parts"

Thomas Michael Duncan, "Borderline"

Rebekah Matthews, "Mild As May"

May 2013

Nicholas Rombes, "Black Star"

Juliet Jacques, "'Nazimova'"

Caroline Beaton, "Wet Meat"

Tyler Koshakow, "The Moment in 19"

April 2013

Charles Walker, "Open and Shut"

Gabe Durham, "Fun Camp"

March 2013

Eric Thompson, "The Wrong Bird"

Gabrielle Hovendon, "Anatomy of Flight"

Delaney Nolan, "World That Owes"

February 2013

Rebekah Curry, "Instructions on Leaving the Communist Party"

Justin Lawrence Daugherty, "The Molting"

Kate Folk, "Open House"

Elliot Sanders, "A.P.O."

January 2013

Cailin Barrett-Bressack, "What A Dead Elephant Weighs"

Eliza Smith, "Crocodile"

Ryan P. Kennedy, "In The Distance"

Matthew Burnside, "For Mom"

December 2012

Corey Campbell, 'The Meteor', "The Meteor"

Nathan Tavares, "Me and Eurydice"

Edmund Sandoval, "Tom-tom"

November 2012

Steve Karas, "Not Like The Movies"

Eric Lloyd Blix, "Indian Summer"

Liz Betz, "Flashover"

JP Kemmick, 'The Fights', "The Fights"

October 2012

Lisa Nikolidakis, "Time Travel, Avoidance, Options"

Christopher DeWan, "An American Dream"

Sarah Overland, "The Weight of Meat"

James Claffey, "the birdcage"

Kevin O'Cuinn, "While Oliver paints"

September 2012

Amy Butcher, "Rodent Sounds"

Adam Fishbein, "Moving In"

Nora Maynard, "1:42 pm"

Sam Martone, "Coburg Castle"

August 2012

Claire Hennessy, "It wasn’t the suit"

Sarah Marshall, "Nevada County"

Devan Goldstein, "The Specialists"

Zack Wentz, "My Fingernails"

July 2012

Kristin FitzPatrick, "Center of Population"

Andrew Sullivan, "Cloud"

Karissa Chen, "The Emperor's Malady"

June 2012

Jeff Ewing, "Jacklight"

Courtney Elizabeth Mauk, "Debris"

Steven Casimer Kowalski, "The Old Fire Eater, Downsized"

Susan Rukeyser, "The Worst Girl's Best Day"

May 2012

Frank Haberle, "South of Hartford"

Jeanne Holtzman, "You Don't Defriend Them"

Christopher Lee, "Arithmetic"

Andrea Mason, "Black Dog"

Matt Rowan, "The Sidewalk Ends"

Kelcey Parker, "Janie (novella excerpt)"

David Cotrone, "My Brother the Painter"

Emily Koon, "Moss"

March 2012

Nathan Holic, "Peeling"

Ryan Shea, "Inventory"

Alex M. Pruteanu, "The Rubber Penguin"

February 2012

Peter Kispert, "Animal Control"

Melanie Page, "Battle In The Suburbs"

Helen McClory, "Excerpt from Kilea"

Robin Becker, "The Ultimate"

Stephen Langlois, "The Look-alike"

January 2012

Myfanwy Collins, "An excerpt from Echolocation"

Lindsey Gates Markel, "Night"

Rijn Collins, "Splinter"

Grant Bailie, "The Magician's Feet"

Daniel Davis, "Big Ugly Punch"

November 2011

Rebekah Matthews, "Growling"

Kara Vernor, "Usually on Sunday"

Matthew Olzmann, "Lightning"

Court Merrigan, "Some Place"

October 2011

A.K. Benninghofen, "Before We Were Almost Lovers"

Ian Sanquist, "Barefoot and Penniless"

Laura Ellen Scott, "An Excerpt from Death Wishing"

Laura Ender, "Forty-five Seconds"

September 2011

Christina Kapp, "Bombs"

Damon Barta, "Veterans"

Sandi Sonnenfeld, "Junket"

Sharon McGill, "Half-Light"

Paul O'Reilly, "Crosses"

Rayne Debski, "Support System"

James Dunham, "In Winter"

July 2011

Cat Ennis Sears, "Stamped"

Claire Huxham, "Bad Star"

Laura Adamczyk, "They Will Leave From"

Michael Sheehan, "To Whom It May Concern"

Sarah Salway, "Per·cus·sion"

Ethan Chatagnier, "419"

May 2011

Brian Mihok, "Pill"

Faith Gardner, "Mada's Debut"

Ross McMeekin, "T-Minus"

Spencer Wise, "Freida"

April 2011

Eric Beeny, "Tattoo"

Chad Simpson, "Adaptations"

Justin D. Anderson, "Colloid"

Shelagh Power-Chopra, "Childbride"

March 2011

Stace Budzko, "Are You Ready?"

Janet Freeman, "Good Boyfriend"

Andrea Kneeland, "Crush"

Buzz Mauro, "Game Theory"

February 2011

Hailey Heikkinen, "It's A Family Thing"

Patrick Allen Carberry, "Still And Gilded"

Becky Margolis, "Our Own Flesh And Blood"

Angela Woodward, "A Story"

January 2011

Gary Moshimer, "The New Year"

Tawnysha Greene, "Eskimo Days"

December 2010

Cortney McLellan, "Moss"

Nick Ripatrazone, "Righteous"

Colin Winnette, "Monday—Sunday"

November 2010

Marcelina Vizcarra, "Fugue For Miners Dead"

Timmy Waldron, "Beachfront"

Savannah Schroll Guz, "The Fascinator"

Daniel W. Davis, "They Do This Kind of Thing"

October 2010

Len Kuntz, "One Out Of Two"

Bonnie Zobell, "Serial"

Joy Lanzendorfer, "Swat"

Timothy Raymond, "The Best Man"

September 2010

Jeff Vande Zande, "Marriage With Time Lapse"

Jennifer A. Howard, "Maybe Gravity Is"

Nick Ostdick, "On The Coast"

August 2010

Gary Percesepe, "Scripts"

Jen Gann, "Funny Bones"

Jennifer Marie Donahue, "Resting In Place"

July 2010

Peter Grandbois, "Toilet Trouble"

Thomas Cooper, "Big In Japan"

June 2010

Katrina Gray, "Sectioned"

John Minichillo, "The Last Pool Party"

Roland Goity, "From the Ruins"

Susan Miller Silva, "Jolt"

Gary Moshimer, "The Other Guy"

May 2010

Will Buckingham, "How the Revolution Began"

Christy Crutchfield, "The Future of Family Radio"

Naira Kuzmich, "How To Date A White Guy"

Kevin Spaide, "The Beard"

Meg Pokrass, "In This Light"

Ben Loory, "The End Of It All"

March 2010

Ben Tanzer, "More Than Anything"

Len Kuntz, "Mockingbird"

Tara Laskowski, "The Etiquette of Adultery"

Charles Dodd White, "Carrion"

Robert Swartwood, "An Insurrection"

February 2010

Ravi Mangla, "Obelisk"

Marianne Villanueva, "Witness"

January 2010

Ethel Rohan, "Endangered"

Jeff Vande Zande, "The Major Players"

Jen Michalski, "P.E."

December 2009

John Givens, "The Plantain"

AD Jameson, "Waste Extraction"

Doug Paul Case, "Jumping Rooftops"

Gary Moshimer, "Birdman"

Adam Moorad, "Five Years"

November 2009

Amber Sparks, "The Chemistry of Objects"

Yvette Ward-Horner, "Dogs and Refugees"

S. Craig Renfroe, Jr., "Herman and the Elephant"

JA Tyler, "of wood"

October 2009

David Erlewine, "who stormed the beaches"

Shellie Zacharia, "Foggy Mountain Breakdown"

Michelle Reale, "Save Me"

September 2009

Tim Jones-Yelvington, "Slime Me"

Erin Fitzgerald, "Fraud"

Jensen Beach, "Family"

Timothy Raymond, "House of Skeletons"

Angi Becker Stevens, "What It Means To Disappear"

August 2009

Ethel Rohan, "Rocket Into A Pocket"

Jamie Iredell, "The First Colony Inn"

Jeff Vande Zande, "Inside Job"

Shya Scanlon, "Forecast: Chapter 7"

July 2009

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BJ Hollars, "The Friends"

Peter Grandbois, "Carpentry"

Carol Novack, "Four Variations"

June 2009

Michelle Bailat-Jones, "Excerpt from Fog Island Mountains"

Beth Alvarado, "The Motherhood Poems"

May 2009

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Peter Markus, "The Moon Is A Star"

April 2009

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Kathy Fish, "Cure"

David Erlewine, "Marionettes"

Rachel Yoder, "Arizona's Lonely"

Sara Levine, "Baby Love"

March 2009

Savannah Schroll Guz, "American Soma"

Frank Haberle, "Beauty"

Elizabeth Hall, "Rosalind"

February 2009

James Stegall, "Third Order Effects"